Information of Ryokan CHITOSE

  • Outdoor Bath Moonview Bath
  • Honyara Bath
  • Private Bath

Hot spring agents
[medicated hot water]
Japan leads the world in hot springs. Matsunoyama hot springs in particular are highly ranked in Japan`s top three medicated baths due to the healing agents in the water. With its high sodium content, this hot spring utilizes fossil water pressurized underground over 120,000,000 years ago. By soaking in these waters you`ll be reminded of the wonders and necessities of nature.

[ Affects ]
Cuts / Wounds / Burns / Skin condition / Nerve pain / Back Pain / Poor Circulation / Skin cleanser and moisturizer

[ Outdoor Bath ] / Moonview Bath
Women Only     6:30 am - 12 noon
Men Only     1:00 pm - 6:30 pm
Women Only     7:00 pm - 11:00 pm

[ Private Bath ] 45 min / 1000 yen + tax
Reservations available from:
8:00 am - 10:00 pm

【Day Trip】For 1,000 yen you will receive access to the hot spring for one day with a complimentary hand towel. For an extra 300 yen a bath towel is included.

  • Room
  • Standard Japanese Room  12.5 Tatami
  • Standard Japanese Room  10 Tatami
  • Luxury Rooms with outside bath  Yama boushi

Traditional Japanese snow
mountain logging
We offer a range of room options from simple and functional covering your necessities, to the gorgeous and luxurious, which include a private outdoor bath. Both of these room styles are made incorporating traditional Japanese themes of wood and paper providing a unique natural experience.

・Luxury Rooms with outside bath
( Yama tsutsuji / Yama sakura / Yama boushi )
・Deluxe Rooms
・Dream space
・Western and Japanese room
・Standard Japanese room
( 12.5 Tatami / 10 Tatami/ Omakase)

  • satoyama cuisine
  • satoyama cuisine
  • vegetables
  • satoyama cuisine
  • rice
  • satoyama cuisine

Satoyama cuisine. In Matsunoyama you can enjoy seasonal local foods prepared Kaiseki style, with each dish reflecting the current season.Among those foods are Matsunoyama raised beef, ripened Tsumari pork, moutain based vegetables, and the highest quality rice found in Japan.
Sake The sake produced in Niigata is world renown. We provide several very delicious and distinct sakes made by expert brewers of this sophisticated beverage. Make sure to try one of our rare sakes which are difficult to find outside of this mountain village.


Comfortable Space From the moment you walk into Chitose, the tatami mats of the lounge area will help to warm you up.The wooden atmosphere of the dining room (complete with an open kitchen) provides a peaceful environment for your dining pleasure. Our facilities are all accessible to the disabled.